Friday, 15 December 2017

WLJ DAY1 Australia

WLJ DAY1 Australia
Why I chose this country because it had a lot of  fun information about Australia

And my second reason is that Australia is my favourite country out of all of it
As of 2012, Australia has an estimated population of over 22 million people. Australia is the world's 6th largest country by area. Due to its large size and isolation from the rest of the world, Australia is sometimes known as the ‘island continent’. The largest cities in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne.

Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. A desert area known as the ‘outback’ covers much of the land. The name ‘Australia’ comes from the Latin word ‘australis’, meaning southern. It is estimated the humans have lived in Australia for around 45000 years.

By Ngakiri
And Merry X-MAS

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Room 9 are learning about 3D shapes for maths. The shapes are cube and cuboid!!!

We are learning to measure the volume of theses shapes.

By Ngakiri